Friday, February 17, 2017

Introducing: Marla

Meet Marla

Name: Marla (Rosewater's Alert Darlene)
Sex: Mare

Height: 15+ hh
Breed: Lippit Morgan
Arrived at MeadowLark: 12/1/16
Favorite Treats: Carrots, but she doesn't need many!
Traits: Respectful and sweet

Special Needs: Marla has a specially mixed detox formula that she eats to help her body shed heavy metals that have accumulated to toxic levels. Her previous owner could not locate the source of these metals in Marla's environment. 

Physiotherapy: Marla needs to lose weight fast. She was morbidly obese at her arrival to MeadowLark, easily a 10 on the body condition scale. She was at great risk of developing laminitis due to her condition. The more active she is, the better she will feel. 

Marla gained so much weight mainly due to inactivity. She was fed a very conservative diet with her previous owner, and still continued to become more and more rotund. Her weight added stress to her joints and caused inflammation at the top of her coffin joint. Lameness is present at the right front hoof. This diagnosis was made by a vet without the aid of x-rays prior to my ownership. The real condition of her coffin joints is not yet known to me, but hopefully I will know more after my vet does a general wellness exam. When Marla came to MeadowLark my primary goal was to help her lose weight safely and quickly and see how the lameness, and her overall health resolved.


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